Welcome to Marian Online 2! The following procedures and guidelines are so important that we require all members of the Marian Online 2 community to acknowledge and agree to them. Adherence to these procedures, guidelines, and requirements is a condition of enrollment and participation in any Marian Online 2 course. Once you enter a Marian Online 2 course, you acknowledge you have read and agree to the following.


  • PCs should be running Windows 7 or higher

  • MACs should have OS X or higher

  • Screen resolution set to 800 x 600 or higher

  • At least 2 Gb of RAM

  • High speed Internet (e.g. DSL, Cable, Wireless Broadband)

  • Compatible desktop browsers: latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or Internet Explorer.

  • Compatible mobile browsers: latest versions of Chrome, or MobileSafari.

  • Browser must be set to accept cookies and show the most recent version of the page.

  • Disable pop-up blockers, or set it to allow the following site: online2.marianuniversity.edu 

  • Sound-card and speakers or headphones, possibly webcam

  • Some courses may require additional software or hardware.


    In the administration of Marian Online 2, Marian University will protect the privacy of each member to the extent possible, as it would in any of its programs. Marian University may, at its discretion, allow authorized faculty and staff to observe any file, document, or message that is transmitted or stored in Marian Online 2. Although Marian University will not casually allow observers to access such files, users should expect no more privacy in a computer-mediated format than they would in a face-to-face format. For example, in a face-to-face class, an authorized faculty member or administrator might visit a class for training and/or evaluation purposes. Thus, for non-academic communication, the only way in which members can ensure privacy is to correspond outside the Marian Online 2 system, via such media as telephone, classic mail or face to face.  The University reserves the right to demonstrate Marian Online 2 courses to prospective clients or students. In so doing, Marian University will endeavor to maintain the anonymity of users in the demonstrated course and the privacy of graded assignments.  Marian University ascertains that the person taking an online course is actually the registered person earning the credits by requiring a unique user ID and confidential password that must be used to log in every time access is granted to the online courses. Also, students may be required to have physical proctoring for some exams.


    As in the face-to-face environment, Marian Online 2 requires attendance. ‘Attendance’ is defined as participation in both the individual assignments and peer-group assignments. Learners who do not participate in a given learning session or who fail to complete the learning session’s assignment will be ‘absent’ for said class period. As in the case of face-to-face courses, a learner who must miss a deadline must notify the faculty member and obtain permission in advance.

    While engaged in an online course, you will be expected to sign into the Marian Online 2 system regularly, checking for e-mail updates, materials uploads, and other course events. You will likewise be expected to respond to all class-related correspondence within 24 hours after it is posted, unless a different response time is designated. In extenuating circumstances, such as travel or health-related situations, more time between sign-ins may be approved; however, students will need to notify your instructor ahead of time and request approval.

    All Marian Online 2 course assignments must use only Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and/or PowerPoint file formats, except for special software provided by Marian University for your use, or software necessary for a particular course.

    All communication pursuant to completion of Marian Online 2 course assignments or activities must occur within the Marian Online 2/Marian University email system. Faculty members and learners must use Marian Online 2 for assignment distribution and submittal, course discussions, and standard course-related communication after the course start date. Nothing in this requirement will limit freedom to communicate for any purpose other than completion of Marian Online 2 course assignments or activities.

    Unless otherwise noted in written form, all rules and requirements of the Marian University Handbooks (Student, Faculty and Staff) as well as the Marian University Acceptable Use Policy apply in the Marian Online 2 environment.


    Acceptable use describes behaviors appropriate for all accessing MO2 online courses and course materials as well as any reference materials on MO2 or the Marian University email. Uses that harm others or damage property are unacceptable; some unacceptable uses may violate state and/or federal laws, such as FERPA or others.

    Acceptable Use Guidelines

  1. Personally complete all homework, quizzes, exams, and other assignments yourself.
    1. Keep posts relevant to the topic.
    2. If requested, limit the length of post, total number of posts, and give other class participants opportunity to respond.
    3. No crude or offensive behavior of any kind will be tolerated. Be respectful and civil to other participants. 

      DO NOT:

      • Disguise one’s identity, impersonate other users, or send anonymous email messages.

      • Threaten, harass, or make false statements about others.

      • Access, transmit, or download offensive or harassing materials.

    1. Do not make solutions to quizzes, exams, or any other assignments available to anyone else, unless required by the specific parameters of a group assignment.  This includes solutions provided by faculty and/or staff provided to me as well as my own solutions.
    2. Do not participate in any activities that will dishonestly improve your course outcome or dishonestly improve or hurt the course outcomes of others. 

    DO NOT:

      1. Delete, copy, modify, or forge others’ emails or homework.
      2. Access others’ email without their permission.

    Class participants who fail to abide by these rules will have their posts deleted, lose access to the assignment, and may be dropped from the course. Marian University and the course facilitator reserve the right to delete content from MO2.

    In order to best use Marian Online 2, please turn off your pop-up blocker for this site. 

    For help with your specific browser/computer, contact the helpdesk - helpdesk@marianuniversity.edu

    For help with the function and features of Marian Online 2, contact Academic Technology - MUOAT@marianuniversity.edu

Last modified: Thursday, December 6, 2018, 9:41 AM